Kids BJJ Syllabus

Livingston Jiu-Jitsu would like to assure all parents that the grading structure is not a money making initiative (unlike other martial arts organisations in the area).

Each belt is made up of four stripes showing your childs progress to the next belt (there is no charge for being awarded stripes). Once your child has reached the fourth stripe it shows that they are almost at the next belt level.

A grading will then be held were your child will demonstrate all techniques that they have learnt and on successful completion they will be awarded their next belt, for this there is a small charge of £20.00 (this covers cost of belt and certificate). If you have any questions regarding grading’s please do not hesitate to ask.

Belt Requirements


Grey Belt Requirements (4-6)


Rear breakfall
Side breakfall
Forward rolling breakfall

Throws and Takedowns

Major outer drop
Rear hip
Advancing Foot Sweep


Superman Control


Butterfly Guard
Spider Guard

Combination Techniques

Major outer drop into Scarf hold
Advancing Foot Sweep into side hold
Rear hip into Broken scarf hold

Side Control

Shark Bite ( upa escape)
Snake Bite ( upa while opponent chokes)
Scarf hold
Broken scarf hold


Shrimp Escape
Crocodile Bite Escape (side mount escape)


Back Pack (seat belt)
Crazy Horse (take and maintain back control)


Yellow Belt Requirements (7-  9)

Throws and Takedowns

Leg Throw (Osoto-Gari)
Hip Throw (Koshi-Guruma)
Double Leg (Morote-Gari)
body drop
One arm shoulder
Major inner reaping


One way to mount
One way to keep the mount

Passing the Guard

Toreando Guard pass
Two ways to side control

Half Guard

One Half-guard pass


Scissors Sweep
Heel hook sweep


One way to Escape the side mount
One way to Escape the Mount


Back Pack
Back Control


Side four quarters hold
Upper four quarters hold
Lengthwise four quarters hold
Combination Techniques
body drop into Side four quarters hold
One arm shoulder into Upper four quarters hold
Major inner reaping into Lengthwise four quarters hold


Orange Belt Requirements (10-13)

Throws and Takedowns

One Leg Throw (Osoto-Gari)
Two Hip Throws (Koshi-Guruma / O-goshi)
One Double Leg (Morote-Gari)
Drawing hip (Tsuri-komi-goshi)
Minor inner reaping (Ko-uchi-gari)
Minor outer reaping (Ko-soto-gari)
Minor outer hook (Ko-soto-gake)
Two handed shoulder (Morote-seoi-nage)
Shoulder drop (Seoi-otoshi)


One way to keep the mount
Collar choke / Armlock

Passing the Guard

Two ways to pass the guard
Two ways to side control

Half Guard

One Half-guard pass


Two ways to Escape the mount
One way to Escape the side mount


Back Control
Rear naked Choke
Combination Techniques
Major inner reaping into Minor inner reaping
Minor inner reaping into major outer reap
Minor inner reap into Two handed shoulder
One arm shoulder into Minor outer hook


Green Belt Requirements (13-15)

Throws and Takedowns

One Leg Throw (Osoto-gari)
Two Hip Throw (Koshi-guruma / O-Goshi)
Double Leg (Morote-gari)
Single Leg
Inner thigh (Uchi-mata)
Knee Wheel (Hiza-guruma)

Self Defence

Guillotine Defence
Head Lock Defence


Two ways to keep the mount
Three submissions

Passing the Guard

Two ways to pass the guard
Two ways to side control / One submission
North South position Control

Half Guard

One half Guard pass
One Half Guard reversal


Scissors sweep
Heel hook sweep
Tripod sweep


One way to escape the side Mount
Two ways to escape from the mount
One way to escape the Rear Mount


Back Control
Two submissions

List submissions

• Juji-gatame (Cross armlock)
• Ude-garami – Entangled armlock
• Okuri-eri-jime – Sliding collar strangle
• Nami-juji-jime – Normal cross strangle
• Gyaku-juji-jime – Reverse Cross Strangle
• Kata-ha-jime – Single collar strangle
• Hadaka-jime – Naked Strangle
• Kata-te-ashi-koshi-jime – Single hand leg hip strangle
• San-gaku-jime – Triangular strangle

List of Throws

Quick Notes
“O”        – “Major”    – means with the side of your foot facing outward. For example, the right–hand side of your right foot.
“Ko”      – “Minor”    – of course means with the side of your foot facing inward. For example, the left–hand side of your right foot.
“Soto”   – “Outer”    – means attacking the outside of the body / leg. For example, a throw which attacks, from the perspective of the uke being thrown, the right–hand side of the right leg.
“Uchi”   – “Inner”     – of course means attacking the inside of the body / leg. For example, a throw which attacks, from the perspective of the uke being thrown, the left–hand side of the right leg.
In this list, ($) denotes a “sacrifice throw”.

Gari – Reap

O Soto Gari
Ko Soto Gari – Minor outer reap
Ko Uchi Gari – Minor inner reap
Morote Gari – Double leg reap
Nidan Ko Soto Gari – Two-step minor outer reap
O Soto Gari – Major outer reap
O Uchi Gari – Major inner reap
Obi Tori O Soto Gari – ‘Opponent’s’ belt major outer reap
Sutemi Ko Uchi Gari ($) – Sacrifice minor inner reap
Gake – Prop
Kawazu Gake – Entwined hook
Ko Soto Gake – Minor outer prop/hook
Ko Uchi Gake – Minor inner prop/hook
Nidan Ko Soto Gake – Two-step minor outer prop/hook
O Soto Gake – Major outer prop/hook
O Uchi Gake – Minor inner prop/hook
Yoko Gake ($) – Side prop/hook

Ashi – Ankle/foot

De Ashi Harai/Barai – Advancing foot sweep
Harai Tsuri komi Ashi – Sweeping lifting pulling ankle
Okuri Ashi Harai – Accompanying Ankle Sweep
Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi – Forward lifting pulling ankle
Tsuri Komi Ashi – Lifting pulling ankle

Gaeshi – Twist

Hane Goshi Gaeshi – Spring hip twist
Harai Goshi Gaeshi – Inner thigh twist
Hasami Gaeshi ($) – Scissor twist
Hikikomi Gaeshi ($) – Rolling turn over
Kote Gaeshi – Outer wrist reversal (wrist lock no. 1)
Kibisu Gaeshi – Heel trip/twist
Ko Uchi Gaeshi – Minor inner twist
Kuruma Gaeshi – Wheel twist
Obi Tori Gaeshi – ‘Opponent’s’ belt turn over
O Soto Gaeshi – Major outer twist
O Uchi Gaeshi – Major inner twist
Sumi Gaeshi ($) – Corner twist
Tawara Gaeshi – ‘Rice ball throw’ / Dropping turnover
Tsubame Gaeshi – ‘Swooping Swallow’ twist
Uchi Mata Gaeshi – Inner thigh twist
Ude Gaeshi – Arm twist

Goshi – Hip

Hari Goshi throw
Hane Goshi – Spring hip
Harai Goshi – Sweeping loin
Ko Tsuri Goshi – Minor lifting hip
Ko Tsuri Komi Goshi – Minor lifting pulling hip
O Goshi – Major hip  (Occasionally thought of as, ‘Oh, Goshey!’ )
O Tsuri Goshi – Major lifting hip
Obi Goshi – Belt hip
Sasae Tsuri Komi Goshi – Forward lifting pulling hip
Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi – Sleeve lifting pulling hip
Tobi Goshi – Jumping Hip
Tsuri Komi Goshi – Lifting pulling hip
Uki Goshi – Floating hip
Ushiro Goshi – Backwards hip
Utsuri Goshi – Changing hip

Guruma – Wheel

Ashi Guruma – Ankle wheel
Hiza Guruma – Knee wheel
Kata Guruma – Shoulder wheel
Koshi Guruma – Hip wheel
O Guruma – Major wheel
O Soto Guruma – Major outer wheel
Tama Guruma – Ball wheel
Te Guruma – Hand wheel
Ude Guruma – Arm wheel
Ushiro Guruma – Reverse wheel
Yoko Guruma – Side wheel

Throw – Nage

Tomoe Nage throw
Eri Seoi Nage – Collar shoulder throw
Furi Nage – Flip Throw
Hiza Seoi Nage – Kneeling shoulder throw
Ippon Seoi Nage – Single-point shoulder throw
Irimi Nage – Entering throw
Juji Nage – Cross arm throw
Kaiten Nage – Rotary throw
Kata Eri Seoi Nage – Single lapel shoulder throw
Kata Sode Seoi Nage – Single sleeve shoulder throw
Ktomo Seoi Nage – Jacket shoulder throw
Kubi Nage – Neck throw
Maki Tome Nage – Winding stomach throw
Morote Seoi Nage – Double-armed shoulder throw
Nihon Seoi Nage – Two-armed shoulder throw
Obi Seoi Nage – Belt shoulder throw
Shiho Nage – Four direction throw
Sode Seoi Nage – Sleeve Shoulder throw
Sukui Nage – Scooping throw
Suso Seoi Nage – Skirt shoulder throw
Tenbin Nage – Balance (think scales) throw
Tenchi Nage – Heaven & earth throw
Tomoe Nage ($) – Stomach throw
Ude Juji Nage – Cross arm throw
Ura Nage – Back throw
Ushiro Nage – Reverse throw
Yoko Tomoe Nage ($) – Side stomach throw

Drop – Otoshi

Aiki Otoshi – Harmony drop
Ganseki Otoshi – Rock drop
Hiji Otoshi – Elbow drop
Hiki Otoshi – Pull drop
Kata Hiza Zuki Seoi Otoshi – Single knee shoulder drop
Mae Otoshi – Front drop
Mochi Age Otoshi – Lift hug and drop
Morote Otoshi – Double–handed outer drop
Morote Seoi Otoshi – Double-handed shoulder drop
Obi Otoshi – Belt drop
O Soto Otoshi – Major outer drop
Tai Otoshi – Body Drop
Tani Otoshi – Valley drop
Uki Otoshi – Floating drop
Waki Otoshi – Armpit drop
Yoko Otoshi ($) – Side drop

Winding – Makikomi

Hane Makikomi – Outer winding spring hip
Harai Makikomi – Sweeping winding
Ko Soto Makikomi – Minor outer winding
Ko Uchi Makikomi – Minor inner winding
O Soto Makikomi – Major outer winding
Seoi Makikomi – Shoulder winding
Soto Makikomi – Outer winding
Uchi Makikomi – Inner winding
Uchi Mata Makikomi – Inner thigh winding

Hug & lift – Daki & Age
Daki Age – Hug lift
Daki Sutemi ($) – Hug sacrifice
Daki Wakare – Hug separation
Ke Age – Kick lift
Mochi Age Otoshi – Raise and drop
Seoi Age – Shoulder lift


Gyaku Gama – Reversed sickle
Hiza Sutemi ($) – Recumbent knee throw
Kata Ashi Dori – Single ankle grab
Kani Bashi – Crab scissors
Ke Kaeshi – Kick turn over
Ken Ken Uchi Mata – Hopping inner thigh
Kin Tsukami – Testicle grab
Ko Soto Sukashi – Minor outer side–step
Kuckiki Taoshi – ‘Pushing the rotten tree’
Kusabi Dome – Wedge stop
Mizu Iri – ‘Water holder’
Ryo Ashi Dori – Double ankle grab
Soto Morote – Outer double arm grab
Soto Muso – Outer thigh
Uchi Mata – Inner thigh
Uchi Mata Sukeshi – Inner thigh side-step
Uki Waza ($) – Floating technique
Yama Arashi – Mountain storm
Yoko Wakare ($)     – Side separation