Adult BJJ Syllabus

Every New Member Will Be Supplied With A Fundamentals Program

This is an outline to help you see everything that is considered to be important and fundamental. This is not your typical fundamentals program and there is a chance you won’t find a program as in depth as this one. It may seem like a lot to take in but remember, fundamentals are FOR LIFE of training, and not something that you learn in just a year and then not practice or think of them again. You will find many sections and subsections in this program, which leads to what I believe to be a very comprehensive fundamentals program. These are considered fundamentals but they are ADVANCED fundamentals.

Each thing will be explained in an in depth manner that is not the norm in classes. The main thing is to give you ideas to work with. As you do with your grappling and Jiu Jitsu, make this your own and tweak it with your own beliefs and what you have learned throughout your training.

How to approach the program


If you are a complete beginner with not much experience the goal is to get the idea for many things. It’s not expected that you learn every single thing detail for each topic, technique, or concept in this program. Just get your feet wet and learn the initial steps to each thing. After you start getting the idea, then clean things up as you go. You DO NOT have to have to be perfect.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

By this point you should have a good foundation of the things in this program and while you may not be used to everything or know everything, this is where you start cleaning up and learning the concepts and techniques that you do not know. Never get discourage because as stated before, this is a forever learning and training area for everyone. At the intermediate level there should be a beginning of starting to learn how to implement aspects of this program into many different areas of training. Pay attention to your coaches advice and explore.


At this point it’s expected for you be aware of all aspects in this program. You don’t need to be perfect and no one ever will be, but you should have a very good foundation. If someone asks you about things in this program then you should have a good idea of each thing. Take the time to clean it all up even more. Start studying the small details more and more and work on your in depth knowledge of all aspects in this program. Ideally you should have an understanding or be working on having an understanding of how to input the techniques and concepts in this program into many different aspects of grappling.

Fundamental Philosophies

These aren’t things you’ll just see in an everyday curriculum. These are things that should be instilled in your training or your students training throughout their life of training. Talk about them in classes. Talk about them during private lessons. Talk about them with side mat chats. But they should be put into the mind of grapplers to set them up with a strong mental approach to their grappling.